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Polaris Capital Management is a fee-only financial advisory firm, based out of Northern California. We take great pride in being a fiduciary to our clients and will work tirelessly to achieve your financial goals. Financial planning is a long term commitment to a prudent plan and course correcting as life happens.  From 401ks to 529s and from budgeting to allocating your capital in the optimal fashion, Polaris will be your guide in your financial journey.

While passive indexing and diversification have it's place, at Polaris, we believe that adding on active money management and prudent capital allocation does yield better results , e.g. here is our blog on diversification,

Our founder, Adarsh has 20 years of experience working for the tech industry and we believe we are in prime position to serve the financial needs of the tech community. We also focus on busy young families and millennials who are starting out on their financial journey. Growing wealth is a long term endeavor, we believe we can help if you are of a similar mindset.

What ever your financial needs, we are one step away from a discussion.


My story might be familiar to many immigrants who come to America for the opportunities it provides and make it happen.  Starting with virtually nothing (except student loans 1$=Rs. 50)  to achieving Financial Independence (FI) has thought me much.


FI has different meaning for everyone and it's very personal. As a fiduciary, I enable clients achieve their financial goals. Growing wealth and being financially fit is as much about psychology as it is about knowing the markets, investments and the other know how. 

An engineer by trade, I caught the investing bug in 2006, I read voraciously and put actions in place which paved my path to financial independence.  I also got my MBA (Finance focus), in 2017. I am really passionate about financial wellbeing, capital markets and investments. (Passionate enough to leave my lucrative job in the tech Industry).

My firm is a way for me to give back to the society, by creating a win-win scenario - enable people pursue their passion, while I pursue my current passion.


Educational background - M.S EE, Arizona State University ( Go Devils!) and MBA, UC Davis, CA (Go Aggies!).

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