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Starting with an evaluation of the client's current financial situation we generate a plan to achieve the future financial goals and objectives. 

An ongoing commitment to your financial freedom with no limit on consults, we are here when you need us. This services includes a customized written report every quarter as well.

The report includes analysis of current, assets, debt and cashflow. Optimization of 401k, 529, equity(RSUs, options, ESSP) & work benefits, the list can get long.


Upfront one-time charge of $500 to $1,500, for initial plan development and written report. This amount is based on complexity.

Ongoing fee that is paid monthly, in arrears, the fee is calculated as 0.50% of AGI (Adjusted Gross Income from most recently-filed tax return) + 0.50% of Net Worth. (Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities )

The minimum annual fee is $6,000.

Investment Management Services

Stocks, Bond, ETFs, Mutual Funds,  the whole gamut.

Let's discuss on how to allocate you money in the most optimal fashion to achieve your goals and ensure that every dollar is working the hardest it can. It's not just about asset allocation but also asset location (Brokerage vs. ROTH IRA vs. 401K).


We offered a tiered structure for asset allocation model, the below is the table to show the fee vs. assets under management.


For example, an account valued at $1,500,000 would pay an effective fee of 0.92% with the annual fee of $13,750.00. The quarterly fee is determined by the following calculation: (($1,000,000 x 1.00%) + ($500,000 x 0.75%)) ÷ 4 = $3,437.50. 

We do require a minimum of $100,000 in assets.

Project-Based Financial Planning Service

We understand that everyone has different needs and may not be ready for in depth financial plans. Let us help you with your immediate need and a one time engagement. Financial Projects are likely to be – Cash flow and debt analysis, retirement analysis, asset allocation and investment analysis, college savings, employee benefits optimization & Tax efficiency strategies.


For Financial projects on specific topics (listed above but not limited to it), the fee can range from $2500 to $10,000 based on the complexity and nature of client engagement. The fee may be negotiable in certain cases and is due at the completion of the engagement. In the event of early termination by the Client, any fees for the hours already worked will be due.

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