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What can a client expect in the first meeting? What do the following meetings look like?
Our first meeting will be about discussing client's goals and sharing what we can offer. Here is the blog to a full picture on the client meetings & onboarding.

Whom does Polaris use for custodian and investment management?
We use Schwab as our custodian and for client accounts. Clients can log into their account and view the investments.

What is your investment style?
When it comes to stocks, we are largely fundamental based investors, who invest based on the underlying business (vs. stock tickers). We apply the same approach to ETFs or Mutual Funds, i.e. evaluate the composition of the investments (bonds, stocks etc.) in those investment vehicles.

Is there a minimum investment amount for the services?
Our minimum investment requirement is $100,000.

Can I not manage my own finances? Why do I need a financial advisor?
Great question! 

Here is the link to the study by Vanguard showing that an advisor could add about 3% in net returns for their clients. Also attached is the study for download.

Financial advisors, have the tools, know how and guide to make a sound/objective financial decision vs. an emotional decision.

Have some other question that is not on here? Setup a meeting with the link below.

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